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Tim Gibbons is available for paid consulting and expert advice in any area of television, feature film and new media development, pitching and production. He can provide professional services to the entertainment industry, such as:

  • Complete TV, Feature and New Media Scheduling and Budgeting, for Presentations, Pilots, Series, Movies, etc.
  • Production Schedules and Timelines
  • Story & Structure Analysis
  • Concept and Treatment Preparation and Writing
  • Script Analysis
  • Production Company Business Plan Preparations
  • Consultation on all types of Development & Production
  • Testify in Court as an Industry Expert

… and much more.

If you are interested in hiring Tim for consulting services, please contact him at He also works with a wide variety of other professionals and can reach out to them for other areas of consultation.

Please note that Tim cannot:

  • Partner with you
  • Become the Executive Producer on your project
  • Raise financing for you
  • Help you get an agent, manager or lawyer
  • Refer you to other producers, directors and writers
  • Help you get to or attach talent
  • Set up pitches
  • Become your attorney
  • Sell your show for you
  • Introduce you to companies, executives, studios or networks
  • Write your screenplay
  • Wear your “Daddy pants” for you
  • Get you autographs, photos or memorabilia
  • Come on board to help sell your project with you
  • Become your best friend
  • Become the professor you always wanted to have but missed out on in college
What Tim can do is help you or your company prep and develop your project, or consult on any area of development, preproduction, production or post.