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Kevin Pollak’s Web Series

13316_378036733546_752128546_3927031_4106582_s.jpgLast Friday night (OK, late afternoon) I attended Babelgum’s premiere of Kevin Pollak‘s new web series called “Vamped Out”. The premiere and event, which were held at Cinespace in Hollywood, were put on by Amber J. Lawson, whom I’ve known for years, and who is currently Executive Producer for Babelgum. The series was fun, funny and well put together. This marks Pollak’s directorial debut and he’s done a damn fine job.

For some reason, Amber and the Babelgum people thought I’m a celebrity, so they stuck a mic in my hand and took a lot of pictures and video. Weird.

Check out the series at: Vamped Out.

Here’s the embed:

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