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Producers on Producers – Tim Gibbons – Pros Reflect on Achievements of Nommed Colleagues

variety.jpegUp-125_oldman.jpgTim Gibbons on “Up”

Producer: Jonas Rivera

Posted: Mon., Feb. 8, 2010, 1:57pm PT

A cartoon about a crotchety old man and a kid. They’re in a house that floats on balloons. Doesn’t sound like much of a movie to me … but then I’m not the geniuses at Pixar and I don’t make fantastic, wonderful, warm, compelling, funny and heartfelt movies like they do. “Up” is an amazing movie, one that I loved and watched several times over the last year. The fact that I saw it with my 8-year-old child and 82-year-old mother — and we all loved it — should tell you about the broad appeal this film has. It’s not just a great cartoon, it’s a great movie.

The opening sequence, in which we meet Carl and Ellie, and see their lifetime together, is storytelling at its best. In a few short minutes you see their entire life unfold, experiencing multiple emotions along the way. By the end, (and if you didn’t cry at the end of that sequence you need some sensitivity training!), you instantly know who Carl is, what he’s about. And then the movie takes off on the main storyline and the whole movie becomes a wild, fun roller coaster, full of excitement and bad guys and evil dogs and funny characters and action and drama.

Tim Gibbons is an executive producer of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

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