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What I Won’t Do For You…

OK, so I get asked by a lot of people for help, advice, insight (boy, are they mistaken), and general information about how to break into television production or become the next big TV writer or become the next Jerry Bruckheimer (hey – if I knew that, who’d have time to write up this stuff?)… and I generally try to answer them, as time (and interest) permits.

But sometimes, I seem to get latched onto but some people who just don’t get what it is I do.  What I do, in this blog, is try to give a little help to newcomers and outsiders.

Like I’ve written here before, each person’s journey in this crazy business will be different – there are a million paths to success and ten times that to utter failure.

All I can do is help point you in the right direction.  So take a look around the site, find out what you can about the business, there’s plenty of information (if you can get past all the dopey Twitter tweets!).

But then, I get those people who don’t get it… so I’m going to set down here what I won’t do for you.

I won’t:

  • Partner with you
  • Become the Executive Producer on your project
  • Raise financing for you
  • Give you some money to start things up
  • Help you get an agent, manager or lawyer
  • Help you get MY agent, manager or lawyer
  • Help you get to, or attach talent
  • Set up pitches for you
  • Sell your show for you
  • Suggest where you should sell your show
  • Introduce you to companies, executives, studios or networks
  • Wear your “Daddy pants” for you
  • Write your screenplay
  • Call someone at some company for you to set a meeting
  • Find an actor you’ve been trying to reach
  • Help you plan how to move to Hollywood
  • Find you a place to stay while you’re trying to make it
  • Get you autographs, photos or memorabilia
  • Come on board to help sell your project with you
  • Introduce you to everyone I’ve ever worked with so you can get a job
  • Become your best friend
  • Hire you on my show
  • Become the professor you always wanted to have but missed out on in college
  • Suggest ways for you to get your screenplay into the hands of that hot indie actress you know will love your script

All of which, has been asked of me, honestly.

What I can do, if you really need help beyond what is presented in these pages, is consult with you, but it’ll cost you.  As a consultant, I  can help you or your company prep and develop your project, or consult on any area of development, preproduction, production or post.  See this page, for more info on specific consultation information.  Otherwise, it’s all free, here, take it!

What I would suggest, for free, is:  Stop reading this, and start writing or directing or producing or getting a first-time job as a PA or something!

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