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Expert Advice: Nicholas De Wolff, Part 3

Part 3 of Nicholas De Wolff’s responses to my Expert Advice survey.

TG: How does one get ahead in this business?

Nicholas De Wolff:

There are several paths to success in the Media and Entertainment industry, but you will find that YOUR path is not yet trod. If you try to follow the lead of other successful producers, instead of just their example, you will – at best – become a pale imitation of them, when you might have outshone them.

Instead of focusing on who to follow, I humbly recommend that you focus on HOW you wish to rise in your career. In the long run, the people who can help you maintain success will notice less the content of your portfolio, and more the content of your character. Sure, you’ll see a***holes get there quicker than you did, but the arc of success and happiness is just that: an arc, and if it rises sharply, it tends to fall just as precipitously. If it gently but firmly swells with your growing experiences, professional relationships, accomplishments and initiatives, it will (with a little luck) keep you aloft until you are ready to let others “get ahead”, in your place.

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