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Expert Advice: Nicholas de Wolff

Today’s Expert Advice on the business is from Nicholas de Wolff, another producer I met through the Producers Guild of America. Nicholas has been heavily involved in new media and was instrumental in the formation of the New Media Council for the PGA. A well-respected producer, he has an international view of the world and is very forward thinking about technology.

TG: How did you got started in the business?

Nicholas de Wolff: I got started in the larger “entertainment industry” while still a kid, acting in and directing theatre from age 8 on. After a fruitful and creatively rewarding career that included stints on Broadway, Ovation and Philips Awards, and over 250 theatre productions, I transitioned into film, TV and New Media production.

I began to explore the relatively new world of New Media a little after Gore invented the Internet, but long before McCain invented the Blackberry, and I became hooked. I launched City Arts Project, the first web-based arts community. With the collaboration of 26 web designers from around the world, and over 200 artists in various media, City Arts Project became an extraordinary 3-dimensional experiment in digital arts advocacy – a launching pad for dance companies, musicians, visual and performing artists alike. Shortly thereafter I joined a well-known digital production studio as Head of Production, and discovered I was now a “producer”. Of course, like every role, it was far easier to attain the title than it was to retain it, and there followed a decade of intense but rewarding New Media productions: on the internet, in Games, and elsewhere.

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