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Expert Advice: Matthew LoGuercio, Part 3

Part 3 of Matthew LoGuercio’s responses to my Expert Advice survey.

TG: How does one get ahead in this business?

Matthew LoGuercio:
I am fortunate enough to have worked in the business, as a director, producer, writer, cinematographer and actor. My goal is to be a member of every union in
the business. (Gives me more chances to network.) I also study/analyze the different disciplines so I know what things cost and what will make for a great
work environment and team atmosphere. All are important elements of production when you are shooting a movie for 30 days, or even a commercial
with only an 8/hour schedule and no allotted overtime.

As for getting ahead, you need to be reliable, dependable and love the current job you are doing. People in the industry pick up on that.

As for maintaining your relationship? That is something you need to figure out before you get into it. This business is akin to a mistress: you go away for days at
a time, there are many late nights and you are really in love being around together.

Sometimes hard for someone who signed on for all your attention to deal with, nevertheless it is something that needs to be brought to their attention as to how
your profession works. However, in life you need balance. Invest the time and energy to make sure all of your relationships are cared for, in the digital age it
doesn’t take long to twitter, text or e-mail someone you care about to let them know that even though you are on the set with a cast of women in bikinis, you are
still thinking about them.

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