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One of the cool things about being in the business for a while (OK, a long time), is that you get to meet a wide variety of people. Part of what I’m presenting here is not just my advice (and I use that term pretty loosely for my postings), but that of many others I’ve met along the way. From crew to creatives, from executives to agents and managers, from development to production, I know of a lot of people with a lot of experience. I’ve been reaching out to an array of these professionals and asking them to include their advice here.

I’m asking all of these experts three basic questions:

How did you get started in the business?

This information can be fascinating, since no two people seem to have ever done it the same way. You’ll see resourcefulness, luck, timing, hard work, missed and gained opportunities, serendipity — and much more, in how people get into the business.

(Part of my pitch to the professionals I’ve asked to contribute to this site: “This could include: your first job; the lousy pay you got; the great/horrible/unforgettable/awful/wonderful person who got you started in the business or made that first job what it was; the long hours; what you learned not to do; the amazing learning experience it was or wasn’t; what your big break was or what lesson you learned that changed things for you; or maybe you had no big break and it was all dues paying for a long time…”.)

What advice would you offer to someone just starting out in (or attempting to break into) the business?

Many viewpoints, many ideas, many ways to think about how to get your foot in the door and then get that door open for you.

How does one get ahead in this business?

Here is where it gets wildly divergent. Everyone’s got a different set of ideas on how to get ahead, move up, over or into that dream job you want to do. So I asked everyone to share things like this: How do you move from one job area to another (writer to director, line producer to executive producer, DP to actor, TV person to feature person, old media to new, whatever…)? How do you maintain a career through the years? How do you maintain a relationship (when you’re on location for four months)?

So that’s the plan. I’ll start posting the answers from the experts and hopefully these will help some of you. Now, excuse me, but I have to get back to reading those emails!

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